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    Yoga Flows with Dagmar at Trinity Beach

1.  DVD-1

TriYoga Level 2 – Flowing through the Seasons-DVD 1 

This DVD contains 6 parts:

  • Part 1: Breath Awareness.
  • Part 2: Spring sequence, which warms up the body.
  • Part 3: Summer sequence will creates fire for detoxification.
  • Part 4: Autumn sequence which is time of harvesting and refreshing the heart energy.
  • Part 5: Winter focusing on restoring the energy in our body.
  • Part 6: Savasana, final Relaxation, the time were every cell get nourished, balance in physical, emotional and mental body will be created, so we can feel and relax into our blissful body, into our own inner peace and harmony

I recommend a Yoga block for this DVD


2.  DVD-2

TriYoga Level 1 – Neck and Shoulder Girlde- DVD 2

This sequence is designed to free neck and shoulder girdle. It also includes strengthening movements for your back and arms. It is an ideal program for beginner and experienced Yogis. Practiced regularly with awareness, it will help to release tension, create stability in your back and shoulder girdle and encourages your inner healing.

This DVD contains 6 parts:

  • Part 1: Intro & Breathing
  • Part 2: Seated Warm Ups
  • Part 3: Sun Salutation, Shoulder Movement 
  • Part 4: Standing Poses
  • Part 5: Foreward Bends & Reclined Positions
  • Part 6: Visualisation & Relaxation

I recommend a Yoga block for this DVD


3.  DVD-3

TriYoga Level 2 – Flows to Purify and Declutter – DVD 3

This sequence is designed to become your happiest, healthiest self. Extend that health and joy to those around you. We will focus on both, revolved and inverted Yoga postures, as each of these will detoxify your entire system.

This DVD contains 5 parts:

  • Part 1: Warm up: Sun Salutation
  • Part 2: Generate heat through standing poses and twists
  • Part 3: Standing balancing sequence
  • Part 4: Cool down and withdraw your senses inward
  • Part 5: Final Relaxation

I recommend a Yoga block for this DVD


4.  DVD-4

TriYoga Beginner – DVD 4

This sequence is designed for Beginners and Yogis who want to slow down and do an easy practice. The flow is physically designed to open the hips and mobilise your spine. Spiritually to slow down and connect with an inner space, where we are relaxed and joyful.

Improve your health, look good and feel great.

This DVD contains 6 parts:

  • Part 1: Intro
  • Part 2: Reclined spinal mobilisation
  • Part 3: Reclined hip opener
  • Part 4: Cat movements
  • Part 5: Cobras
  • Part 6: Reclined wind down

I recommend a Yoga belt for this DVD



May this practices create a peaceful harmony in your body, mind and soul




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