Teacher Training

TriYoga Basic Teacher Training

Come along to the 2018 Basic TriYoga Teacher Training

Was it always your secret dream to become a Yoga teacher? If so, then get started with likeminded people, learn proper yoga alignment and how it can be integrated with the body’s anatomy, begin the study of yoga philosophy and share what you love.

Add the teaching of yoga to your daily practice, create space where other people can move and relax, contribute to the world’s inner and outer peace, while you connect more to your inner light on the way to enlightenment.

Shine for yourself and for your community.

There is so much fun and growth in a teacher training. Self study and self-growth will be part of your journey: Like watering and fertilizing your plants you take time to nurture yourself.

We will have 4 separate weeks of Training spread through a 10 months period, after which you are not just qualified as a TriYoga teacher – you also will have gone through a time of personal growth, have become a part of the TriYoga family and will know your Yoga flows in details ready to share.

We always have people in the training who just want to do it for themselves, maybe that’s your option. We also cater for those who choose to start a career or add it to their present job. It’s up to you, but please don’t hesitate because you are too shy, or because you feel you are not good enough. Don’t let self-doubt stop you from becoming your personal best.

Start the journey, from loving yoga into deepening your external and internal journey.

Are you ready to commit and to look after your personal growth and development? Yes I am ready to commit – press here:

If you need to talk to me because you have some question and doubts, please give me a call or send me an email. I’m always happy to discuss your thoughts. d2017@3yoga.info

Next Teacher Training starts in June 2018:

Block 1:                        2. – 8. June  2018

Block 2:                       1. – 7. September 2018

Block 3:                       10. – 16. November 2018

Refresher 1:               TBA  2019 

Block 4:                       2. – 8. March  2019

Costs:    AUD$  4200  

excl. Basic Manual and registration fees with TriYoga, Certification fees with TriYoga

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• TriYoga Flows „Basics“ 
the TriYoga Flows „Basics“ Series 1 to 5:
• Wavelike spinal movements in the spine, Relaxation in Action
• Meditation in motion, Ancient Yoga for modern times
• 108 systematized Asana, 16 Twists, 5 Pranayama techniques;
• 20 Mudras
• Natural alignment
• Application of props for certain clients
• Alignment assistance
• TriYoga Class Sequence
• Anatomy
• Yoga Nidra: Deep Relaxation
• Prana Vidya: Breathing Techniques, Concentration und Meditation
• Jana Philosophy, Praxis of the flows, self study, 8 Parts of Patanjali
• Voice. Learn about voice tone, rhythm and clear communication techniques.
• Non-violent communication. Discover how to communicate with loving kindness and truth to yourself and others.
• Teaching methodology. Teaching yoga requires know-how. Learn the skills and strategies that we’ve proven work to be an effective yoga teacher.
• Teaching skills. Discover how to create optimal states for learning and how to communicate clearly and powerfully.
• Vinyasa sequencing. Discover how to pace and sequence an engaging classes that help students experience skill in action and increase mindfulness.
• Pranayama. Breath is considered the bridge between the body and the mind. Learn more about this key to unlocking your potential.
• Inner cleansing. How to practice and teach purifying, healing kriyas.
• Chakras. Discover how to balance the subtle energy centers that govern relationships, creativity, personal power, magnetism, emotions, intuition and the ability to access higher intelligence.
• Mantra. You’ll delve into the mystic formulas that draw you deeply into meditation and assist with profound transformation.
• Meditation. You’ll learn about the gateway to inspiration, intuition, insight, well-being and regeneration for yourself and your students.
• Presentation Skills. How to captivate the attention of your students.
• Learning styles. How to teach, accounting for each student’s uniqueness, so every student learns from you. Become adept at communicating in a way that every student feels the class has been individualized for him or her.
• Anatomy and Physiology, learn Anatomy of Movement, about the nervous system, physiology of the reparatory system, the circulatory system and the lymphatic system.
• Mudras, Bandhas and Drishti. Gain knowledge of the energetic circuits and locks in your body.
• Yoga for pregnancy. You’ll understand the anatomical and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy, how to teach pregnant women, enabling them to feel strong and supported during this miraculous time.
• Ayurveda. The ancient, holistic Indian medicine of healing.
• Practicum. Many practice teaching opportunities with constructive feedback are provided throughout the training.
• Demonstration. Principles of asana demonstration learn how, why and when to demonstrate postures to inspire and educate your students.
• How to create a ‘yoga space,’ so both you and your students feel transported from the mundane to an extraordinary experience of yoga.
• Adjustments. How to adjust students via hands on assists.
• Multi-skilled. Become accomplished at incorporating the many different aspects of yoga into a seamless practice that students love.
• Opportunities provided to observe and assist in class so you gain valuable experience enabling you to be ready to teach when you graduate
• Vegan (plant-based) Diet
The Teachers are certified senior teacher of Kali Ray TriYoga International and member of Yoga Alliance USA / Australia and Dagmar Hirsch (Golden member of Yoga Alliance Australia).

Certification after 200 hs
• Block study weeks with Dagmar (John and Santoshi)
• 10 hours homework
• 8 assisting hours in class
• certification with John and Santoshi

Cairns, QLD

Maximum number of students: 20
Students eligible to enroll must have a min. of 1 year TriYoga experience. We recommend 2 Triyoga classes per week during your training time.

How to apply: Fill out the internship program application. Appendix A page 17 of the Certification Handbook or call me.

Costs:   AUD$  4200  Teacher Training       book online click here

excl. Basic Manual and registration fees with TriYoga, Certification fees with TriYoga


Certification exam is based on one Yogaflow series (or five series) within the level. It includes the five parts of a TriYoga class.

Set classroom ambiance
Understand the written aspects in the series, such as seasons, breaths, repeats and symbols
Understand the class sequence and teaching materials in the Basics manual
Demonstrate the series alignments 
breath focus pace
Use props personal assisting students
Assist with alignment verbal cues mirroring hands-on
Teach the flow: say (side) breath, pose,
Asana: give clear alignment clues, economy of words, voice and delivery, pacing, give an alternative posture or sequence, include the five breathing practices
Guide Yoga Nidra
Guide Prana Vidya: Daily Five, Concentration and meditation
Lead close of class
Set classroom ambiance
Understand the written aspects in the series, such as seasons, breaths, repeats and symbols
Understand the class sequence and teaching materials in the Basics manual
Demonstrate the series alignments breath focus.




Dagmar is a Golden Member of Yoga Alliance Australia






Yoga Alliance Australia Worldwide Yoga Organisation.