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Ayurveda Nose & Sinus Oil

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Nose Oil

Anuthailam-Nasya Sinus Oil

Useful for nose and sinus treatments

Ayurveda teaches that bacteria are creating infectious mucus and congestion by multiplying in our sinuses.

It is very helpful to use the Ayurvedic Nasya when suffering sinusitis or headache, therefore a small amount of ‘Anuthailam’ is applied to the nasal cavity.
Anuthailam Oil contains 20+ herbs which are boiled for several days. This process reduces the particle size and therefore refines cellular absorption. Applied in the nostrils Anuthailam initially provokes the mucous secreting cells inside the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses expelling excess mucus through the nasal passage.
Nasya, when practiced daily, penetrates the nasal area, helps to kill bacteria and clears mucus. It clears the upper and lower respiratory tracts, is good for the ears and purifies the organs of the head. Nasya also nourishes the cranial nerves and the muscles of the neck while improving the sense organs ie: vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.
It stimulates the brain and cranial nerves, while soothing the nervous system. Nasya is best performed in the mornings as part of a daily routine and can be safely practiced by children.
Typical Ayurvedic morning routine:
• Begin the day by washing the face, eyes and nose with lukewarm water.

• Wash the mouth and scrape the tongue.

• Clean the teeth

• Perform Every Day Nasya

• After a shower, place 2 drops of ‘Anuthailam’ in each nostril. An easy option is to place 2 drops on your finger and then in-hail the oil into each nostril.

• Lie down, in-hail through the nose while rubbing the hands and feet to improve circulation. Remain lying down for 5 minutes.

• Gargle with warm water

Contraindications: Do not practice when the nose is running with large amounts of mucus. Note: ‘Anuthailam’ is applied for a period of time for purification purposes.


More intense version of Nasya with steam (Optional)

  • Steam the nostrils to open the channels, liquefy mucus and allow the oil to penetrate deeper.(Simply heat water in a pot, cover your head with a towel and inhale through your nose for a few minutes)
  • Warm the ‘Anuthailam’ by placing the bottle in some hot water. Lie down, close off one nostril and apply 2-4 Drops directly into the other nostril.
  • In-hail through the nose while rubbing the hands and feet to improve circulation. Repeat on the other side.
  • Remain lying down for 5 minutes and try not to swallow the oil which makes its way to the back of your throat.
  • Spit out the oil and gargle with warm water

10 ml Oil

Consult your Naturopath or Physician before use.

Also very helpful for clearing the sinuses is the Yogic discipline of ‘Neti’, where salty water is poured through the nose using a Neti Pot .


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