Meditation & Pranayama


Meditation & Pranayama Philosophy

@ Kewarra Resort Beach Deck

17. Oct – 7. Nov. 2017

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Philosophy, Meditatation & Pranayama at Kewarra Beach Resort

-The Magic of Pranayama, Philosophy & Meditation – 

 Dive into philosophy, which  ancient yogis shared to understand ourselfs and make life better; timeless wisdom to go through life with more ease and joy. Learn and pracitse Pranayama techniques to awaken your life-energy and balance yourself. TriYoga shares a beautiful concentration Kriya which is used as a bridge between Pranayama and Meditation – visualising sound and light, allwoing to sit with ease in Meditatation.
4 x 45 mins at the wonderful beach deck at Kewarra Beach Resort


Please bring your Yoga mats, blocks & meditation pillows etc.

 Meditation Pillow (to order, click here)