How to get there: 

♥ to Kewarra Beach Resort: (Yoga on the Beach Deck)

  • Drive Kewarra Beach Rd. to the end.
  • Park outside the Resort
  • Walk through Resort to the Beach Deck
  • or to BBQ and left along the Beach

♥ to Amanda Gale Physio: (Yoga Room)

  • Drive to Anderson Street, Manunda
  • park behind the building
  • Yoga room is in the 1st floor

♥ to Phyxme: (Yoga Room)

  • Drive to Piccones Shopping Centre (Edge Hill, Manoora).
  • Opposite IGA
  • Yoga room is in PhyxMe Physiotherapy.

♥ to Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre: (Yoga Room)

  • On Reed Road, Trinity Park next to the first round about
  • Park in front of the Neighbourhood Centre.
  • Room at the right side.




♥ to Dagmar: (Private Yoga Lessons and Ayurveda Consultations)

  • Drive Trinity Beach Rd. all way down to the second round-about (at Jamieson St.)
  • Turn left into Blue Lagon (between Lime Tree Restaurant and Blue Moon Grill).
  • Turn left behind Lime Tree Restaurant in Resort and follow the road 400m on Bluewater Lane.
  • You’ll find my house at the lake, on the right hand side. (white house with grey garage door, opposite the Lap Pool)


call 0422124277