Class Level Info

Choosing a Class:

So many classes – which would be best for you ?

The question we ask you is: What would you like from your class? Maybe it’s to de-stress or work out, relax, lose weight, stretch, tone, to follow a meditative or spiritual practice – or any combination of these. Also, there may be days when you want to try something different. TriYoga is the perfect place, with a wide range of levels and extensive class schedule.

What do the class levels mean?
Classes are divided into styles of Yoga, but also levels. Check with your teacher before moving up a level and always inform your teacher if you are pregnant or have any injuries.

♥ Basic Course

Introducing the basics of breathing, movement and posture. Ideally, we recommend that all those new to Yoga complete a Basic Course. →book now

♥  Level 1 – Beginner

Open to complete beginners, those in the initial stages of Yoga practice or those seeking a gentler asana practice. Experienced practitioners can also sometimes benefit from going back to this level and getting in touch with the fundamentals of Yoga. →book now

♥ Level 2 – Intermediate

Works on a deeper physical and psychological level, introducing more challenging asanas, sun salutation variations, inversions and backbends. Not suitable for beginners. →book now

♥ Level 3 – Advanced

A challenging class for more experienced practitioners that assumes a good grounding in the principles of asana and breathing. Please be aware that this is a tough class. →book now

TriYoga Method

TriYoga is a complete and revolutionary system based in ancient yoga. Experience the kundalini-inspired sequenced flow of yogasana (postures) synchronized with pranayama (rhythmic breath) and mudra (focus). The result is increased energy… physically, mentally, and spiritually. This gives the mental clarity to manifest one’s life with greater awareness.

TriYoga Flows is a complete hatha yoga method founded by Kali Ray. The inspiration and guidance for the TriYoga Flows comes from Yogini Kali Ray’s direct experience of kriyavati (kundalini manifesting on the plane of hatha yoga). In the TriYoga Flows, breath and focus are united with flowing and sustained postures in systematized sequences. The flows are comprised of poses that are categorized into seven main posture groups: Standing, Forward Bends, Spinal Twists, Backward Bends, Balancing, Inversions, and Sitting. Since the method is systematic, students can progress from Basics to Level 1 and then to subsequent levels as they increase their flexibility, strength, endurance and knowledge. Through sustained awareness on all aspects of the practice, the inner flow naturally emerges. This trinity practice is by the nature of its origin, deeply meditative and transformative.

TriYoga Flows (Prasara), a complete hatha yoga method, is the union of posture, breath and focus – or asana, pranayama and mudra. 

TriYoga fundamentals include relaxation-in-action, wave-like spinal movements and economy of motion. With the systematic approach, students can remain with Basics or progress to subsequent levels. Within each level, students increase their knowledge of posture and flow, as well as strength, flexibility, endurance and breath control. Through sustained awareness on all aspects of the practice, the movement of body, breath and mudra harmonize and the inner flow naturally emerges.