Bali Retreat

Bali:  7. – 14. Oct. 2018



We will go to a fantastic, new accomodation in the rice fields of Ubud.

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A time to let your soul be tickled by delightful Yoga sessions, uplifting Yoga Philosophy & the Spirit of Bali.

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One week dedicated to nourishing your soul, stretch and strengthen your body,  uncovering your inner peace & your dreams and bringing passion back into your life.

Let this week lift you onto your next level of your Yoga practice.

Look forward to a space for you to recharge, renew and be completely you.



   ~~~ I want this to be an intimate environment ~~~


I’ve limited spaces so you get lots of personal attention and individual refinement.


~~~ I want this to be the right fit for you ~~~


So feel free to get in touch with any questions or hesitations you might have and we can discuss whether this retreat fits into your life.


~~~ Come alone or bring your friends ~~~

Price includes 7 nights in a stunning Yoga Retreat in the ricefields of Ubud, breakfast, walks through the rice fields, water ceremony*, cooking class* and of course a minimum of two Yoga classes a day. Please note that flights and transfer are not included! However, to make things easier, I’m organising a group transfer from the airport to Ubud, which you can join if you wish.

*subject to change



Full payment is due no later than 1st of June  (book here)

a blissful, rejuvenating week of Yoga and bathing in the spirit of Bali

 Bali Impressions 2009 – today

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Dates for 2019:   

5th Oct. – 12th Oct. 2019


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