Ayurveda Treatments

Ayurveda Treatments:



♥ Shirodara Massage:       Consists of three parts:

1. Head and Face Massage

2. Neck and Shoulder Massage

3. Shirodara: A consistent flow of warm herbal oils on the forehead / third eye. The oils are allowed to flow over the scull and the hair, creating a blissful sensation. The third eye Chakra point is said to be the seat of human consciousness.

The absolute bliss, it heals insomnia, headaches, depression, anxiety, visual difficulties, improved decision making and focus, jet lag and stress related mental symptoms etc…

75 min / $180.


Shiro bed Shiro Shiro head

♥ Kati Basti:  Localised nourishing oil treatment, followed by a back massage. A dough ring keeps warm medicate oil on the painful region. The warmth increases the circulation and intake of the healing herbs. For Back Pain, Stiff Neck, Shoulder Problems and Sciatica Symptoms. 60min / $100


♥ Nasya: Therapy to detoxify the head. Skull & face massage followed by a steam treatment and application of nasal medicated oil drops into both nostrils. It is a very effective treatment for all head and sinus problems. Sinusitis, chronic or acute, blocked nose, hay fever, headache and asthma. Promotes mental clarity and emotional happiness.  45min / $75


♥ Abhyanga: Relaxing Full Body Massage: Classic therapeutic and relaxing Ayurvedic oil massage, using herbal oils according to your Dosha / constitution and practiced  with awareness of the Marmas and Chakras. This massage moves energy in your body, while removing toxins, relaxes the mind and body, stimulates both arterial and lymphatic circulation, nervous and endocrine system, improved muscle tone and reduces free radical activity. Very relaxing and refreshing.  75min / $125


♥ Laghu Pinda Sweda: Abhyanga (full body massage) followed by a nourishing treatment with a rice milk and herb bolus. Supports the healing of adrenal fatigue, stress, aches and pain. Very rejuvenating.  90min / $150


♥ Detox Massage: Abhyanga (full body massage) followed by a rejuvenating treatment with dry herbs and sea salt bolus. It improves the strength of the muscles, relieves body pain (arthritis, paralysis…) and improves skin complexion.  90min / $150


♥ Hot Stone Massage: A very nurturing warming massage technique, especially good in the colder seasons.  75min / $125


♥ Uro Basti: Pooring of warm herbal oils on the chest to release discomfort, pain, stiffness in the chest and ease breathing followed by a back massage.  60min / $100


♥ Partial Massage: Back & Shoulders.  45min / $75


♥ Head, Face und Upper Body Massage:  45min / $75


♥ Joint Treatment: Arthritis and any joint pain.  50min / $85


♥ Ayurvedic Facial: For a beautiful skin. The procedure: cleansing, face and head massage, steaming, exfoliation, mask, foot massage & hydration. A deep cleansing, and rejuvenation of the face for a vibrant, healthy, natural and glowing facial expression – all natural and traditional techniques that have worked for centuries.  60min / $110


♥ Acne Treatment: Consultation & Facial – also ideal for Teenagers.  90min / $150


All natural products.

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Registered as Naturopath / Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda

Medibank Provider No. 1330641B (not reg. for BUPA or other Health Funds)

Austral. Natural Therapists Association Provider No. 13458



  • Come hydrated, bring an old towel and wear clothes, which can get oily for your way home.
  • Clients who fail to turn up to their appointment or cancel within 24 hours of their appointment will be charged the full fee.